1) What is a Emulator?

A: In computing, an emulator is hardware or software or both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of a first computer system (the guest) in a different second computer system (the host), so that the emulated behavior closely resembles the behavior of the real system. This focus on exact reproduction of behavior is in contrast to some other forms of computer simulation, in which an abstract model of a system is being simulated. For example, a computer simulation of a hurricane or a chemical reaction is not emulation.(Wikipedia)

2)Where I can get the games?

A: The ROMS you can use are BACKUP of original Cartridges you OWN from a cartridge copier or by searching google. It is illegal distribute unlicensed copys of Licenced Games so you must own the original cartridge to use its Copy.

3) Its Legal to Copy a game I Own?

A: Yes. U.S. Copyright laws allow you to make one backup copy of software you own. However, that backup copy is “tied” to your original. If you sell or give away your original software, you must destroy your backup copy or package it with the orignal when you sell or give it away. Likewise, you may not sell or give away your backup copy without the original.

4) Its legal to download a copy of a game I own?

A: No. Even if you own the original game, you are not entitled to download a copy of it. Copyright law states that the only copy of software you are entitled to is the one you make yourself.

5) What is a Rom?

A:  A ROM (or Read Only Memory) is data that is pulled from a physical game cartridge and made into a computer system file. That file is loaded into emulation software where it can be played

6) The game X does no work, what is wrong?

R: Try:

1 – test if your ROM is working on a Desktop Snes Emulator.

2- if It is Zipped unzip and test again.

3- send a email to with the Game Name and rom Backup type( .bin, .sfc, .smc) to we analize the problem.

7) The game X is Running Slow.

R: Some games are very hard to emulate, frist try:

1 – change settings to low (turn off audio or lower audio bitrate, increase frameskip, etc).

2 – some hardware have low fps limitation(Nokia 500), enable skip blit to increase framerate.

3- send a email to with the Game Name and rom Backup type( .bin, .sfc, .smc) to we analize the problem.

If you read the faq and still have problems, send a e-mail describing it to with the emulator name, the game name, the phone model and any details you find can be helpfull.

If you have suggestions send it to and we will appreciate it.


7 comments on “Support

  1. sameh says:

    we need Emulator to run game boy advanced plz !!

  2. franco says:

    la verdad es que sus emuladores son excelentes, Me gustaria saber sí harán un emulador de n64 o uno de ps1?

  3. Seriously? How is it that is in alpha version?

  4. jeremy says:

    is this a port of genesis plus gx ?

  5. pdar says:

    Are you will develop NDS for symbian ?

  6. Anderson says:

    Your emulators are awesome, but I want to ask you something, could do you do a keyboard support? Because my S^3 it’s a Nokia E6-00

    Adoro seus emuladores man, teria como você adicionar suporte a teclado? Meu s^3 é um nokia E6-00 e a tela dele é pequena pra usar touch, fica meio tenso 😡 kk

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