Remember and play your favorite games!
EmiGens is a Genesis/Sms/GG/Sega CD emulator for Symbian developed with Qt and Qml and Windows Phone 8 devices. Play your favorite titles , save your progress at any time and return instantly to where you left off with Save and Continue and save Slots.


  • Portrait/Landscape Gaming
  • Normal/FullScreen image
  • Great Compatibility.
  • Virtual Control Design configurable
  • And more…

EmiGens need the Genesis/Sms/GG/Sega CD game ROMS(.smd, .sms, .iso, .zip) to work. It does not contain any roms and it does not condone piracy. You can get the roms through backup of your original cartridges or cds.

Free demos can be found here.

Note 2:
Sega CD support requires a original Sega CD BIOS which is Copyrighted from Sega and can’t be distributed, It can be a backup from your Sega CD board. rename it to bios_CD_U.bin(US version) and put on save data folder(default to E:/data/) on WP8 download from Skydrive.

This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Sega Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries. Sega Genesis game software sold separately. Sega and Sega Genesis© are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sega Corporation. All rights reserved. Company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. All brands/names/images/etc are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Get it from Nokia  Store

Get Free Version

Having some problem? Read the FAQ.


6 comments on “EmiGens

  1. Ales says:

    Where is the link? Did you think of N64 emulator or PS1 emulator?

  2. mustafa says:

    emigens work fine i install it from nokia ovi on nokia belle but work slow with sound on idont know why

  3. apriano says:

    please fix emipsx v1.0,.running the games with this emulator is very slow,.i hope you can fix this emulator,.sorry for my english,.

  4. apriano says:

    if your fix the emipsx, please don’t used QT based, because with QT operation system very2 slower and used high memory for running it,.i hope you can,.sorry for my english,.

  5. Héctor Venegas V. says:

    Is there any possibility to enable qwerty keyboard (nokia e5, e6 e7) to play a more direct and simple touch that way? HELP!!!!!

  6. I-must-have-more-power says:

    Thank for this Great Emulator !…I tried Sonic 3D Blast and this 60-62 FPS if sound OFF,but if sound ON need neccesarily enable frameskip by 1 or Auto and FPS now=30,but this not smooth,but playable…Sonic and Knuckles 2 have graphical Problems=( because I Delete Game…Thanks a Lot.

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