About Us

Let it Be Productions main objetive is to develop apps to entertain. Feel free to let your opinion and sugestion of how we can be better and your compliment if any.


9 comments on “About Us

  1. nick p. says:

    your apps work like a charm.
    Just add qwerty support and configuration for the keyboard symbians.

  2. juan says:

    please create a psx emulator. thanks.

  3. nick p. says:

    When will you release the qwerty config updates?
    You stated in the free versions that it will be included in the full ones.
    It is annoying for us qwerty users because we cant even play simple games like Mario because it is impossible to time a jump (pressing right + A) as it will not recognise two screen presses simultaneously.
    The only games we can play are rpgs.

  4. nick p. says:

    You actually released a psx emulator.
    That’s kickass!
    Do you think s3 can support it?
    Technically I mean.
    When the project is complete please inform us about the compatibility.
    It would be great to play the FFs, Vagrant Story, MGS etc. on our mobiles.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, we are all looking forward to your next updates

  5. ¿un emulador de ps1 o n64 no se podría hacer? seria genial tener algo así en mi n8 🙂

  6. nickgrde says:

    psx emulation is too much.
    You should first complete the basic emulators you released.
    Summeli made 2 top emulators one for gba one for snes but he fucked up on the compatibility and they play few games.
    Your compatibility is really great but we have limited options.
    You should look into adding support for keys on all of them and fixing the audio sync especially on emisnes and i want the configuration to really be saved for future use so i wont have to do it all over again.
    Thats the only thing they need.
    This is coming from a guy who actually bought your apps.

  7. Padaroglu says:

    Hi! Do you will uptade EmiPsx ?

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